Hey fit fam! This week I wanna chat about the importance of our core. It’s more than the 6 pack that we all desire.

What They Do

Core muscles basically include everything in the middle of your body including your booty, hips, abdomen and back.

Your core muscles work in harmony to manage most body movements.

We use our core muscles for so many daily activities such as walking, sitting and standing, and bending down to pick things up. Our core muscles are necessary for basic mobility.

And having a strong core is also super important when it comes to working out.

In fact, most activities require stable core muscles for basic execution, balance, and to prevent injury.

Why The CORE Is SO Important

Here are five reasons why a strong core is important:

✔️ Increases balance and stability

✔️ Allows for better control and more power behind your exercise movements

✔️ Increases stamina because your body will not need to exert as much energy to maintain posture, positions, or balance.

✔️ Increases performance of activities – allowing you to run faster, jump higher, and push harder.

✔️ Significantly decreases your risk for injury when working out.  A strong core protects your spine, prevents back strain and reduces pressure on your knees and hips.

Whether you are playing a sport, doing yoga, lifting weights, running, or just doing work around your home, your abilities (and injury risk) are influenced by your core strength.

How You Can Increase Core Strength

Planks, side planks, single leg bridges, and lying hip abductions are all great exercises to increase core strength.

Do you need help incorporating core muscle exercises into your daily work out?

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